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patentPatent Protection. Patents offer you an important advantage over your competitors, and are therefore critical for the success of many business ventures. MPL specializes in securing robust legal protection for your innovative technologies.

trademarkTrademark Protection. Trademarks protect the image (or "good will") of your business. It is important that you maintain control over customer perception. MPL can assist you in this endeavor by registering business names and logos with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

infringementPatent Infringement Opinions. If you believe a competitor is infringing your patented technology, we can evaluate your situation from a legal perspective. Our opinion will help you develop an appropriate, responsive business strategy.

copyrightCopyright Protection. Copyrights are used to protect your creative expressions. MPL can help you register your creative works at the U.S. Copyright Office.

opinionPatent Validity/Enforceability Opinions. If you have been accused of infringing a competitor's patent, we can determine whether the claim is meritorious. In adddition to a patent infringement analysis, we will evaluate whether your competitor's patent is valid and enforceable.

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