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2nd Annual New Technology, Small Business & Inventors Conference
Friday, March 4, 2011, 9 am - 5 pm & Saturday, March 5, 9 am - 4 pm
Free Library of Philadelphia, Central Branch, 1901 Vine Street
- Montgomery Auditorium -

Presented by:

The Nikola Tesla Inventors Club and The American Society of Inventors

Discover the Keys to Success! Learn about emerging Green Energy Technology!

Attendance is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.


Friday Program - What You Need to Know to Launch Your Business Enterprise

Entrepreneur Groups - Introducing Local Organizations Specializing in Entrepreneurship

Confirmed Organizations:

Philly Startup Leaders - the largest and most active community of startup entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia region.

Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia - supports the creation and development of high growth firms by delivering essential resources, education and networking opportunities to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

The Philadelphia Area New Media Association (PANMA) - hosts networking and educational events, where they encourage connections among their members, offer business opportunities and enjoy good times with friends.

Independents Hall Philadelphia - coworking space and community of designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers, and more.

University Science Center - the oldest and largest urban research park in the United States, supporting technology commercialization and technology-based economic development on campus and in the Greater Philadelphia region.

UPenn Wharton Small Business Development Center - has provided assistance to over 20,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs in the greater Philadelphia region in the past decade, and is playing a substantial role in promoting energy efficient buildings.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners - one of the nation's most successful technology-based economic development programs, having provided both early-stage and established companies with funding, business and technical expertise and access to a network of innovative, expert resources for more than 25 years.

Business Funding Panel

The financial experts on the panel will discuss the current investment climate, how to value a start-up business enterprise, where and how to secure funding for your business, working with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, and what to include in a business plan to make your proposal attractive to potential investors.


Bob FesnakManaging Partner, Fesnak & Associates, LLP.

Mark deGrandpre, Ph.D. - Director of Investments: Physical Sciences, Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

Garrett Melby - CEO & Co-Founder, Good Company Ventures.

Alex Kasich - Owner, Alex Kasich & Associates.

Prototyping and Evaluating Your Invention

Kreg Jones - Professor, Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Mr. Jones will discuss the various options available for transforming your invention from a written idea to a working model, including the in-house capabilities present at the Art Institute.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Jeff DobkinAuthor, Marketing Expert, & President of Danielle Adams Publishing Company.

The knowledgable and always entertaining author of 5 books and hundreds of articles on marketing will address a number of important issues. Like it or not, at one point if you are serious about your invention - and moving it forward - you need to answer a few questions. The good part: Don't worry - you can change your answers at any time. Just rough it out for now. 1. Do you have a budget? 2. What are your goals? 3. Have you done a patent search? 4. Are you going to Patent it, or not? 5. Is your product "Commercially Feasible"? In other words, can you "sell it and make a profit?" 7. Will it sell itself? 8. Can you make a few prototypes? 9. What is your own field of expertise? 10. What are your next 10 steps?

Using Resources at the Free Library of Philadelphia to Effectively Research and Develop Your Business Plan to Market Your Invention

Angela WillieAsst. Dept. Head, Business, Science & Industry Dept., Free Library of Philadelpia.

There are resources at your disposal to assist you with your business. Find out about these resources and how to benefit from them.

Patent Pending - Design, Utility and Provisional Patent Applications - Advantages and Pitfalls

Henry SkillmanPatent Attorney, Dann Dorfman Herrell & Skillman.

Mr. Skillman will discuss the types of patent applications which are available to inventors of new products, and will discuss the advantages and pitfalls that the investor should be aware of when dealing with an inventor who has a pending patent.

How to Protect & Enforce Your Trademark Rights

Patrick KellyPresident, West Rock Information Group, LLC.

Drawing on his 18 years of trademark investigation experience, Patrick will provide a “nuts and bolts” briefing on the trademark clearance and trademark enforcement process. Patrick will share examples of his time as an in-house investigator for The Coca-Cola Company as well as experiences as owner of his own IP investigative business.

Launching Your Business Enterprise

Frank TaneyShareholder, Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney, PC.

There are numerous considerations that must be thought out in advance to create a smoothly operating business enterprise while avoiding common pitfalls. A freqent lecturer on this topic, Mr. Taney will tap into his extensive experience and offer invaluable insight for business entity formation.

Meet the Inventors:

Barbara Bigford has been dazzling crowds with her exciting and motivational story about bringing her Beachpockets(r) beach umbrella anchoring device to market. You don't want to miss this!

Thomas Fetterman is a successful independent inventor who will discuss his commercialization of crutch tips and related products.

Barry Barsky acquired numerous patents as a mechanical engineer and designer in an industrial environment. He will outline the steps required to proceed from idea to commercial product.

William Haney will present his invention - a fun, creative and educational system for physical therapy.

Inventor Q&A Panel - This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn from the success of others!

Nikola Tesla – Past, Present & Future

Tatjana Miletic, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Physics, Rowan University.

Discover the amazing inventor and genius who has inspired generations of individuals from all walks of life, including scientists, inventors, artists, philosophers, etc.! Ms. Miletc will discuss Tesla's legacy, including his visits to Philadelphia.

Nikola Tesla Inventors Club (NTIC), Inventor Partnership Program

Nikola Lonchar, Adolphe Alexander, Jeff Maday.

NTIC selects several inventors per year who have demonstrated a promising idea that exemplifies Tesla's life and work. We help patent and and bring these ideas to market by forming an appropriate team of professionals including engineers, attorneys, and business/marketing specialists.

Activities & Demonstrations:

Techno Trivia – This will be a fun an interactive opportunity for you to gain bragging rights by proving your tech savvy-ness! Form into teams and anwer trivia questions. Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.

Tesla Coil Demonstration - View wireless transmission of power from Tesla's famous and ingenious device that creates "lightning."


Friday Evening Reception

TGI Fridays
1776 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

The reception offers an opportunity for attendees to personally meet with the conference presenters. TGI Fridays is within walking distance of the Free Library.

Reception begins at 5:15 p.m. RSVP not required.


Saturday Program - Turning "Green": Latest Trends in Clean Energy Technology

Meet & Greet - Broadcast of selected short video clips

History & Advantages of Electric Vehicles

Jenny IsaacsPresident, Bucks Country Renewables.

With the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt already rolling into dealerships in this country, consumer awareness of electric vehicles hasn't been higher since the turn of the last century, when they outnumbered gasoline-powered vehicles on the roads. With the era of cheap fossil fuel fading in the haze, we are on the verge of a dramatic shift away from the internal combustion engine. In addition to the production EV's being brought to market by every major car company, thousands of home-built, efficient, and emissions-free battery-electric vehicles are on the roads already: ordinary gasoline-powered cars and trucks converted by their owners to run off the local power grid or from clean, renewable energy.

Jenny Isaacs, who founded non-profit Bucks County Renewables in 2006 to promote electric vehicles and help reduce our cultural dependence on fossil fuels, will review the history and advantages of EV's and survey the EV displays, workshops & resources available in Eastern PA and Central NJ for those who want to learn more about the electric revolution.

Internal Combustion (ICE) Engine to Plug-in Electric (PIE) Conversions

Dan NorthOrganizer of Plug In Electric Vehicles, Newark, DE.

Interested in an ICE to PIE conversion? Dan North will discuss what's involved, potential post-conversion vehicle performance, and cost of the conversion.

Electric Vehicle Batteries, Past & Present

Michael ManningInventor & Battery Expert.

Electric Vehicles need batteries. Learn about the pros and cons of various options from one of the world's preeminent battery experts with many years of battery design experience!

Accelerated Battery Charging Systems

Petar JovanovicVice President, Sonora International Trade.
Linda Tronoff - Executive Agent, Sonora International Trade.

Sonora International Trade will be demonstrating a system that can safely recharge batteries in significantly less time than standard battery chargers presently on the market. This technology has the potential to increase the viability of electric vehicles by vastly reducing the wait time for recharging between uses.

Automated, Wireless Recharging of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Andy DagaPricipal Founder & CEO, Momentum Dynamics.

Could this be the future of EV technology? Imagine an electrical grid implanted in the roadway that automatically recharges your EV batteries as you drive! Momentum Dynamics is a leader in the development of this technology.

Electric Vehicle Q&A Panel

Clean Energy – The Next Frontier of Invention

Jay ButeraEntrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, & Founder: One Million Calls for Clean Energy.

Mr. Butera will discuss exciting new technologies emerging in the clean energy sector, why the shift to clean energy may very well be the largest technological transformation in history, why it will be a renaissance moment for independent inventors and entrepreneurial start-ups, and what forces are aligning (or still need to align) to move the clean energy transformation toward the tipping point.

The Latest & Greatest Trends in Solar Power Technology

Jerry WengerSenior Dream Weaver, Aztec Solar Power.

Mr. Wenger will identify capabilities of the latest solar energy technologies. He will also discuss recent progress in the solar energy field: real world projects that are presently being implemented.

Developing Technology for the Betterment of Humanity

Mark PassioLecturer, Researcher & Radio Talk Show Host.

Why build an atom bomb when you can build a windmill? Tesla believed that technology must be developed for the betterment of humanity. Mark Passio will detail the reasons why this is more critical today than it ever has been.

Harnessing Tesla’s "Wheelwork of Nature"

Eric Manganaro - Free Energy Researcher.

Telsa indicated that energy could be extracted from the abundance of nature without the need to rely on scarce or polluting resources. Can energy be pulled directly from the ionosphere? From the zero-point field? Learn about the latest and most promising research projects in this area. To be sure, this is a controversial - but vitally important - topic.

Opportunities for Green Energy Franchising

Michael Treat, M.D.Special Lecturer, Department of Surgery at Columbia University; Founder & Chairman, Robotic Systems & Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Treat, a researcher in the field of atmospheric electricity, will discuss his latest idea to set up "clean energy farms" in urban environments. This is a new and creative business opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in promoting clean energy.

Activities & Demonstrations:

Techno Trivia – This will be a fun an interactive opportunity for you to gain bragging rights by proving your tech savvy-ness! Form into teams and anwer trivia questions. Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.

Tesla Coil Demonstration - View wireless transmission of power from Tesla's famous and ingenious device that creates "lightning."


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